Harold Garde


Harold Garde, Maine Master painter and printmaker, showing in Portland for the first time in 20 years. Addendum is a good title for this exhibit, says Garde, who jokes about searching for his birth certificate to find the expiration date. His body of work, spanning 60 years, is in permanent museum collections throughout the country, highlighted by a comprehensive retrospective and a permanent installation at the Museum of Florida Art.

Featured in the gallery of the Maine Jewish Museum is a group of never before shown large non-figurative canvases completed this summer in Garde’s Belfast, Maine studio.

Complementing the canvases will be a selection of Strappo monotypes. Smaller in scale and more intimate, these pieces will be presented in a manner that allows the viewer to appreciate the slick plastic surface that is the hallmark of prints made with the Strappo technique which Garde developed, named, and teaches.

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