Maine Jewish Summer Camps


 Camp Lakefront by Alex Cohen

Maine Jewish Summer Camps

Remember your summer camp experience? Early morning dips in the chilly water, panicked cabin clean-ups before inspection, shower lines, long, exhausting hikes, popsicle stick cabins and macaroni pictures, s’mores and songs around the campfire, Red Rover and Capture the Flag, whispered secrets after lights out? You may have chanted the Hebrew blessing before meals, spent Friday nights at sunset walking to the outdoor synagogue or learned about Israeli culture. And remember that feeling of independence? Chances are you probably can still make a bed with hospital corners, tie a clove-hitch knot, and gather kindling to start a campfire. Your camp experience probably played a huge part in you becoming the person you are today. You grew independently, at an age-appropriate pace, and learned to live without Mom or Dad hovering nearby. In honor of all those memories, you can enjoy the Maine Jewish Summer Camp Exhibit on the third floor of the museum, originally curated by Nancy Silverman Levinsky, who recalls her summer camp days with fondness, nostalgia, and gratitude.


Camp Name Location Years Gender Affiliated Website
Accomac Bridgton 1911 Girls    
Androscoggin Wayne 1907 – present Boys    
Arcardia Oakland 1914-1927 Boys Arden & Winslow  
Barta Camp Casco 1926 – present      
Camp Ardeh Oakland 1914-1926 Girls Arcadia & Winslow  
Camp Joseph Harrison 1950-1975 Boys Jewish Community Center Camp of New England  
 Camp Kennesuncook  Not currently known  1926      
 Camp Tapawingo  Sweden  1919 – present      Web site
 Camp Woodland Springs  Bridgton  1921-1926      
 Cedar Crest Camp  Oakland  1916-1926      
 Center Day Camp (CDC)  Windham  1949 – present  Co-ed  Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine  Web site
Cobbossee  Winthrop/Monmouth  1902 – present  Boys    Web site
 Crystal Spring Camps  Belgrade        
 Echo Lake Camp  Oakland/Readfield  1920-1926  Girls    
 Forest Acres  Fryeburg  1924 – present  Girls  Indian Acres  Web site
 Highland Nature Camps  North Sebago  1913 – present  Girls    
 Indian Acres  Fryeburg  1924 – present  Boys  Forest Acres  Web site
 Jewish Community Center – JCC Maccabi Camp Not currently known         
 Jo-Lee  North Belgrade  1920-1926      
Kamp Kohut   Oxford  1907 – present  Boys   Web site 
 Kennebec  North Belgrade  1907-1991  Boys    
 Kingswood  Bridgton  1970 – present  Co-ed    
 Koda  Bridgton  1926      
 Lakeridge Manor  Waterville  1955-1971      
 Ledgemere Kiddie Camp  Portland        
 Lown  Oakland  1945  Co-ed  Jewish Community Council of Maine  
 Maintou  Oakland  1947 – present  Boys    
Matoaka  Smithfield   1951 – present  Girls    Web site
 Micah  Sebago  2001 – present  Co-ed    Web site
 Migis Lodge          
 Modin  Belgrade  1922 – present  Co-ed    Web site
 Naomi  Raymond  1954 – 1986  Girls    
 Pine Tree Camps  Rome        
 Powhatan Camp for Boys  Otisfield  1921-1996  Boys    
 Ramah  Mount Vernon  1948-1949  Co-ed  Jewish Theological Seminary  
 Saddleback Lake Camp  Rangeley        
 Sasone  Bangor        
 Seeds of Peace Camp  Oxford  1963 – present  Co-ed   Web site
 Songo  Naples        
 Sunningdale Standish   1940-1973  Girls    
Takajo  Naples   1947 – present  Boys    
 Tripp Lake Camp  Poland  1911 – present  Girls    
 Vega  Fayette  1936 – present  Girls    
 Walden  Denmark  1916-1926      
 Wenonah  Naples  Unknown – present  Girls    
 Wigwam  Harrison  1912 – present Boys     
 Winnebago  Fayette  1920-1926      
 Winslow  Oakland  1921-1935  Boys  Arcadia & Aden  

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